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Sedative-analgesic nasal sprays for kids undergoing procedures.

Updated: Feb 22

Surgery for a child is one of the most important events of their life. Exposure to hospital environment including operating room away from own area of comfort, meeting new people and hearing/visualizing sick people in agony creates a significant impact on a child’s mind. Any unfavourable experience in this circumstance not only creates a fear towards medical systems for the lifetime but also sometimes lead to serious psychological consequences like post-traumatic stress disorders. The perioperative period is particularly important in this scenario because it is very difficult to manage an anxious and fearful child posted for surgery. It is of utmost importance that the antianxiety measures should start immediately after admission to avoid such a scenario and the anaesthesiologists have a crucial role in it.

Ketadex Intranasal (GD Pharma Adelaide) has 50-80% bioavailability and therefore reliable sedation and analgesia. Ketadex nasal is 3.75 times more concentrated compared with available ampoule presentations so the volume administered is only 100 microliters which prolongs resident time and absorption on the nasal mucosal surfaces rather than bulk fluid flow (in a matter of a few seconds) into the nasopharynx and loss to first pass metabolism.

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